Your Healthy Mouth

Martin has written a ground-breaking series of books on dental health care for all the family, titled Your Healthy Mouth. In the richly illustrated series, he shares his knowledge of common dental problems and easy to use preventive methods, in the fight against gum disease, tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Your Healthy Mouth is packed full of great advice for everyone, at every stage of life. Parents of young children, teenagers starting to look after their own mouths, adults looking for a dentist and then those of us who act as carers for friends and relatives. Your Healthy Mouth covers all aspects of dental care and with such straight advice on diet, dental hygiene and lifestyle to achieve and maintain both good oral health and an overall improved quality of life, it is an essential family handbook.

Martin said, “Your Healthy Mouth gathers together and shares what I have learned in over 20 years of dental practice and my own personal studies. By taking advantage of what I have learnt, everyone can benefit from this knowledge.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to help people maintain their teeth for life. We now know so much more about all the problems that can develop in a mouth. By preventing these developing and also recognising the early warning signs, there are clear benefits for each person’s dental health and overall general health as well.”

Your Healthy Mouth has recently been given a positive review in the British Dental Journal, which is the leading publication for dental profession in this country.

The series of five e-books are now available from Amazon, and all other online retailers

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